Saturday, March 23, 2013

Why Do Students Hate Geometry it Almost Ruined My Life!

Why do Students hate geometry was revealed to me this past week.
Have you ever just felt like something was impossible to complete, well that's how I have been feeling all week and one thing was standing in my way.  Making me so upset to where I couldn't even go to sleep at night. Making me not want to get out of the bed in the morning.
It's crazy I understand  the question Why do Students hate geometry.  Geometry is such a struggle for a lot of high school students. I know a lot of my classmates this year that are wondering if they are going to graduate or not. Over one class "Geometry".  I don't understand why we need this class when are we not going to use shapes in our every day life or use lines of symmetry.
It's so stupid! I'm in a junior level class that's way easier than Geometry and it's a sophomore level class. Why are school's doing this to kid's? Stressing them out over something that we may never see or use again in our life after high school?

I See Now Why do Students Hate Geometry it Almost Ruined  My Life.

But thank God I found my tutor, because for a minute I thought I wasn't going to graduate this year and I would have been pissed.
Watching your class walk and your not walking has to be a sick feeling, that I wont have to experience because my tutor has helped me get threw my Geometry in 2 hours and now I feel confident about graduating.

Why do students hate geometry makes sense to me.

So much stress has been taking off my back. Man it feel's so good to not have to worry about this nonsense. And the bad thing was that it was an online course which is really hard and really doesn't teach you anything and doesn't give you the knowledge to complete the course. Man I am excited about  graduation now! Just knowing that you have all of your credits and your grades are good just make every thing better.
By The Stuttering King

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