Saturday, March 23, 2013

Is Your PS3 Controller Pressing Random Buttons?


What's up every one its the Stuttering King back with another interesting blog post. So for about 2 months my PS3 controller has been acting up. It was pressing random buttons when ever i moved the left analog stick.
So i bought another controller with a wire attached to it. Those really suck though because you have to stay close to the system. So yesterday i broke the one with the wire and started using my dual-shock again.
And during game play i kept shooting full court shots or they wouldn't let me shoot. Then i went to my home screen and it kept on flickering like it was possessed or something. So i was on the verge of buying a new one but those controllers cost about 60 bucks witch is ridiculous.
So i decided to look up this problem and it seems to be pretty common. There were plenty of forums on Google asking how they can fix this problem there's no need to spend money when you can fix it your self.
PS3 and Sony do these kind of things on purpose to make more money, after a couple years of having your controller it's going to start to not function rite. What Sony and PS3 are trying to get you to do is spend 60 or more dollars every 1-2 years. Well all you have to do is open up your controller.
Unscrew the green chip and flip it over there's a piece of plastic you flip up that has sum black rubber foam type material under the plastic. You want to take a piece of tape roll it up and put it in between the plastic and foam.
Put your  PS3 controller back together and it should be working. If you don't understand just watch the video bellow my post. I hope you liked this information i leaked have a nice day my friends.
By The Stuttering King

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How To Fix Random Button Pressing On PS3 Controller


  1. This solution really works. Thank you so much.

  2. You sir are a freaking genius!!! I owe you so much. No more frustrations! I only wish I saw this before I got rid of my other two controllers lol damn you SONY. Thanks again!

  3. Freaking genious! I have two remotes. Took em apart cleaned the board but never thought of that! Im gona do this tonight!

  4. Thank you for this valuable post! I had two remotes with this problem. Sony servis refused to touch it, because they get no spare parts from Sony. This resolved the problem perfectly withiut any spare part and for free!

  5. This solution worked for me !
    Thanks a lot for sharing ...

  6. Worked great for me too. Thanks man. :)