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Is Lebron James The Next Best Thing Since Jordan ?

Lebron James

Lebron James
Ever since Lebron James has entered the league he has been compared to the great Micheal Jordan. The have similar qualities both of them can score with ease. They both are  and were the cornerstones of there franchises.
They know and knew how to get there team mates involved in the game. And hit big shots, Lebron James had trouble with his game closing abilities earlier in his career.
Lebron JamesIt all had to do with his confidence and his maturity, now that Lebron is getting older and is getting more wiser which is making him more dominant and unstoppable combined with his freak athletic abilities.
Much like Jordan lebron has averaged over 20 points or more since his 2nd year in the league. But people in the sports industry wont put Lebron up against Jordan to see who's the best. Because Jordan has 6 rings.
Lebron only has one. But you have to remember Jordan didnt get his first ring till his 6 year in the league. Lebron won his when it was his eight year but he came straight out of high school unlike Jordan.
But many people criticize Lebron for leaving the Cavs to go play for the heat. They feel like you shouldn't have to leave your team that built around you just to win a championship.
If he was such a force why didn't he get Dwayne wade to leave the heat and come to the Cavs. But hes was getting tired of getting to the playoffs every year and getting put out by the Boston Celtics.
And when they did get to the finals the year Lebron put on a show against the pistons in  the eastern conference finals. They got swept the next series against the spurs in the championship.
But last year Lebron was tired of hearing all the old Cavs fans mouths and the sport analysis down talk him and the heat. He finally got his first ring thanks to Pacer giving up the series like that and the Boston Celtics giving up wide open looks which could have prevented the heat from going to the finals.
But when it came to the NBA finals against the Thunder Lebron was playing like he invented the game of basketball. Making the Thunder look like the bobcats lol. They had no answer for Lebron and the heat as they just rolled by the Thunder in the series 4-1.
This year Lebron is a MVP candidate and is having his best season as far as shooting percentage and making shots in clutch moments  Shooting 70 % from the 3 point line which is suprising because when he first came in the league Lebron struggled with his 3 point shot and medium range jumper.
But i don't think Lebron James and the heat will go to the finals this year, Because i dont think they can beat the New York Knicks in a 7 game series. The Knicks have had there number all season but Lebron James will probably find a way to come through in the clutch. I still think Lebron James has ways to go if he ever wants to be put in the same category as Jordan.


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