Saturday, March 23, 2013

Why The Illuminati Scares The SH** Out Of Me !


Over the past couple of years i came across one of the most frighting things iv'e ever seen. And its called the Illuminati some of you may heard of it some of you may not. I found it very interesting so i started doing so research watching different Youtube videos and etc.
Basically the Illuminati is a secret society that rules the world such as the government Illuminatisports the music industry and even most companies. They persuade people by making them sell there soul for fame and fortune, they are also known as the free masons you've probably seen or heard this word before.
It was actually one of Rick Ross's Song tittles. The free mason's are a group of old men who run every thing. This group was established in the 1800's and have been around ever since. They were apart of slavery and segregation any almost anything you can think of they have a say in. If they dont like what some one is doing or saying they have the power to get rid of them because of there reputation.
As most of you know Micheal Jackson was a member of the Illuminati rite before he died he was trying to get out. Rite before the concert he magically died of an overdose that was given to him by the doctor. Iv'e been doing some research and the doctors was only following order's that he was given.
Then there was Tupac Shakur one of the most talented Hip Hop artist that ever came across the mic. Yup he was apart of the Illuminati to, rapping the lyrics that they gave to him because they had symbolic messages behind them. Tupac was speaking out against the Illuminati and just when he was about to make a track about the whole situation he was gunned down in cold blood.
There are many more members of this society that you look up to i can go on all day long about this topic. But that would be doing to much. Recently i discovered some videos on youtube showing songs played backwards and the messages behind the song's were horrible. There even trying to get to the kids by using Justin Bieber as a Illuminati Puppet. You see more and more devilish character's on cartoons.
Jay-Z now owns 50% of cartoon network that's why there have been a change in the cartoons that appear on that station. We all know That Jay-Z is one of the most well known member of this society. He cant deny it any more every know's he's a devil worshiper and nobody will be believe any bull he spits out of his mouth trying to deny it.
My last person that i will announce that's a member is some one that mostly every one knows. LeBron James we all know LeBron is great player but off the court is he good person well to all you LeBron Fan's im sorry but LeBron is the biggest face the Illuminati. Before every game he sprinkles powder in hid hand and put's his hands in the air like he's god or something.
Then after left Cleveland he changed his number to 6 because he claimed Micheal Jordan was great he didn't want to disrespect him by continuing to wear his number. But that's wasn't the real reason as you know 666 is the devils number Lebron James Changes his number to 6 to represent the Illuminati. You also see him holding up that pyramid up witch is another sign of the Illuminati.
By The Stuttering King

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