Monday, March 25, 2013

How To Increase Vertical Jump to Dunk

How to Increase Vertical Jump to Dunk

Whats up every one, as a lot of you know how to  increase vertical jump to dunk is a big thing with basketball players and high jumpers. Every year millions of people want to learn how to  increase vertical jump to dunk than ever before.  Some feel its not possible because of there height, weight or race.
Well once I tell you this, you will be amazed how it works if you do it right. If you want to know how to  increase vertical jump to dunk, but you always get hung or cant grab rim. You can fix that problem within a couple of attempts, if you get the technique down  right.

The Secret on How to Increase Vertical Jump to Dunk

So what you have to do in order to learn how to  increase vertical jump to dunk is stop leaning forward when you take off. When you get ready to go up for a dunk you want your feet to be close together not far apart, because its causing you to stride when you jump which is throwing your jump off balance which makes you not Jump Higher.

How to  Increase Vertical Jump to Dunk- I did It!

I saw this on you tube and I didn't think it was real the first couple of times I tried it because it didn't work. I was about to give up then I tried it again. And not only did I grab the rim, I grab it with two hands. I was amazed at how high I had got up off the ground because I have bad knees. But this time when I jumped I didn't use my knees.  I finally learned how to increase vertical jump to dunk. This guy on Youtube known as the vertfreak is an expert at jumping he's 5'10 with a 50 inch vertical and he's white. He told his story about how when he was a freshman in high school he couldn't even touch the net. Every since then he promised his self that he would learn to jump higher. He won the Powerade slam dunk contest twice and one 7 ACC national high jump Championships. Just look him up on the video above. I guarantee he will have you jumping high within months. He also has programs that cost money that will show you  how to jump higher.


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